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Plastic management



of coastal litter collected and sorted


*in 2022

underwater clean-up dives

*since 2017


*since 2020

of beach line covered


*in 2022

of litter removed from the ocean floor


volunteers involved

volunteering program

marine volunteering

conservation diving

Plastic Free Perhentian (PFP) is an initiative to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of single-used plastic straws island wide to combat nature deterioration, waste issues, and enhance eco-destination image of Pulau Perhentian.
Currently Perhentian Islands did not have a centralised waste disposal system to manage all the waste produced locally on the islands. Most of the waste were sent out to be disposed at the landfill in the mainland. We are hoping to create a local movement to support the mitigation of waste problem on the island. The PFP Intiative include; Beach Cleanup & Reef Clean-up#StrawUponRequestCampaign to create strawless environment & PFP eco-map which to locate and promote local business that is eco-friendly. 


A campaign to promote a collective effort of no plastic straw while ordering beverages yet if they insist of having one, the straw is provided over the counter. This campaign started from collectible used straw to repurpose the waste and is progressing toward straw upon request to reduce the plastic straws.

Did you know?

Our ocean is very thankful for your action to skip a straw. Our turtles and fish are able to swim freely and happily in the clean ocean.

It's a thanks from the OUR OCEAN!

Save Our Turtle
Save Our Turtle
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